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"My own personal encounter with those of the MFR tribe/family can only be described as wholesome, loving and fearless."
- Katelyn N. Pidperyhora RMT
'The Last Supper' Texas 2022

Katelyn Pidperyhora RMT

Katelyn Pidperyhora
P-I-D-P-E-R-Y-H-O-R-A 'One who supports the Mountain' 

Katelyn Pidperyhora is a recent graduate of the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in Saskatoon, SK. She is now a fully Registered Massage Therapist and a proud member of MTAS (Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan). 

Over the years, she has enjoyed travelling to various places outside of the country including Europe, Mexico and The Philippines. In the summer, she greatly enjoys spending time with her family at the lake. She loves surrounding herself with nature and animals; she currently owns two aquatic turtles (15+ years) along with her senior pug Lucy (13 years old).

Strongly influenced by her life-partner Jordan R. Smith RMT, Katelyn experienced the benefits of a more natural, proactive approach to healing through Myofascial Release early on. In February of 2020, she was asked to attend John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release Approach®: Women's Health Seminar in Sedona, Arizona. Without hesitation, she agreed to be Jordan's female body and help support his passion and career.

Having experienced the challenges and gaps associated with Women's Health first-hand, Katelyn saw this as a wonderful opportunity to involve herself and participate in the seminar series. It was in Sedona where Katelyn was opened to a whole new world of therapeutic treatment dedicated and designed for women. The course greatly impressed her and meeting the man behind the Myofascial Release movement, inspired her to change careers from Graphic Design and pursue her next venture in life by enrolling in the 2 Year 2200hr Advanced Massage Therapy Program at PIMT.


Her dedication and commitment allowed for the tremendous opportunity to participate as a student in one of the workshop seminars during the summer of 2022. This has lead to her growing passion and willingness to help others. She is set to begin her John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release Approach®: MFR1 training in Montana August 2023.

Currently, Katie has hands-on-training in Therapeutic Massage, as well as some Myofascial Release. She also has a keen interest in the John E. Upledger  CrainioSacral Therapy. Katelyn believes that the intertwined essence of both therapies together will help enhance the body, mind and soul. Her approach to massage is creating a safe place using gentle, hands-on techniques in order to hold space for the client. The treatment session is client focused by working with you to understand your short and long-term goals utilizing massage therapy.

If you would like to book an appointment with Katelyn, please call the office at 306-242-2442.

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John F. Barnes Women's Health Seminar Sedona, AZ 2020
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